How to config Network Manually

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kindly help me to how to configuar DHCP network in Toradex easy installer.i am using ixorav1.3A carrier board.because we can’t get os list in Easy installer.

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To configure the DHCP network settings manually in the Toradex Easy Installer on your Ixora carrier board version 1.3A, you will need to access the U-Boot environment variables and set them accordingly to ensure your module can obtain an IP address via DHCP and access the internet or a local server for downloading the OS images.

  1. Access U-Boot Prompt: Restart your module and interrupt the boot process to enter the U-Boot prompt. This is typically done by pressing a key (such as space) during boot-up.

  2. Set U-Boot Environment Variables for DHCP: In the U-Boot prompt, you can manually configure the network settings to use DHCP. Use the following commands to set the environment variables:

    setenv ipaddr dhcp
    setenv serverip <server_ip_address>

    Replace <server_ip_address> with the IP address of your server if you are using a local server to host the OS images. If you are directly downloading the images from the internet, you might not need to set serverip.

  3. Boot the Toradex Easy Installer: After setting the environment variables, you can boot into the Toradex Easy Installer by running the command:

    run setupdate

    If the setupdate command does not work, refer to the specific instructions for booting into the Toradex Easy Installer for your module.

  4. Verify Network Configuration: Once the Toradex Easy Installer is running, it should automatically attempt to obtain an IP address via DHCP. Ensure that your network is correctly configured to provide an IP address, DNS, and gateway to the module.

  5. Troubleshooting: If you still cannot see the OS list in the Easy Installer, ensure that:

    • Your DHCP server is correctly configured and operational.
    • The network cable is properly connected.
    • Your network configuration (including DNS and gateway) allows access to the internet or to your local server where the image_list.json and image files are hosted.

Remember, these steps are a general guide. The exact commands and procedures might vary depending on the specific module and version of the U-Boot bootloader you are using. Always refer to the most relevant and updated documentation for your specific hardware.

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