How to change the ip remotely wince 2013

How to change the ip remotely wince 2013 for imx6

Dear @linkzelda60
Can you please give us some more details about your use case. What is your remote connection interface, and why do you need to change the IP?
Regards, Andy

The situation is in the equipment that I will use, I don’t have monitor and I want to change the IP from a equipment with windows, before in wince 7 I could do that from Remote Admin web page but now I can’t use that with wince 2013

You can use the Remote Display V3.1. This tool allows you to use a network connection to show the WEC2013 desktop on your PC.

Then use the network adapter dialog or change the registry to modify the IP address settings. Don’t forget to save the registry after doing the modifications.

Yes, we have used the remote display but the equipments that we are working the user final need to have something easier, I tried make that with the Telnet with one file .reg but windows show me a dialog box that the file was saving, could avoid to show that dialog box, let say modifícate the register and it doesn’t shot that dialog.
Thank you very much

To automate the process, you can use launcher.exe to automatically run a .bat file from a storage device, e.g. a USB thumb drive or an SD card.

The batchfile should

  1. Call the Registry editor with the /S option (silent), for example
    regedit.exe /s \test.reg

  2. Call the Update Tool to save the registry:
    update.exe /fu

Instead of the batch file, you can also write a simple application which uses Windows API calls to modify and finally flush the registry.