How to change pwm source frequency for imx6ull from userspace?

I am working on Col iMX6ULL 512 MB IT V1.0 A SOM and Colibri Evaluation Board 3.2 B. I need to generate 20 MHz frequency with 50% duty cycle. When i try to execute via command line it is allowing upto 50000 in period (ns) (20 KHz) below that it is throwing invalid argument error. But i need 50 in period (in nano secs i.e. 0.05 us = 20 MHz). Please provide the sample userspace access information to know the present clock source configured for pwm and how to modify clock source for pwm from userspace or commandline.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi @vemula

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Could you please provide me the steps to reproduce the issue at our end and attach error logs(if any).
Did you checked this article