How to change iMX8 Serial Port Debug Console from ttyLP1 to ttyLP0

I have been able to get the Getty port to work on UART3 (ttyLP0) by entering: systemctl enable serial-getty@ttyLP0.service

I have not been able to change the U-boot Debug port from UART1 (ttyLP1) to UART3 (ttyLP0). I have tried various settings in the U-boot Environment Variable: console and it seems to have no effect? Such as: setenv console ttyLP0,115200 or setenv console null.

Please provide some direction on altering the debug port.

Brian Weir

You need to change stdout-path in U_Boot device tree arch/arm/dts/fsl-imx8qm-apalis-u-boot.dtsi
plus set a proper pin-muxing at board/toradex/apalis-imx8/apalis-imx8.c