How to bundle private repo


I am trying to bundle my containers for a Torizon build and have listed a private image for pulling in the docker-compose.yaml. I’ve tried setting the REGISTERY_USERNAME/PASSWORD as environment variables (below) but still get ‘permission denied’ for the container on bundling.

    image: benshlomogur/accel_server
      - REGISTRY_USERNAME=benshlomogur
      - REGISTRY_PASSWORD=sousvideking
    network_mode: host
    user: torizon
      - '/tmp:/tmp'

I’ve also tried running docker login from the terminal instance I’m running the bundle command but that didn’t work either.

What is the suggested way to bundle a private repo in my docker-compose.yaml using Torizoncore-Builder?

Greetings @bengur,

You need to pass this information to the bundle command itself not in your compose file. See the arguments for the bundle command here: TorizonCore Builder Tool - Commands Manual | Toradex Developer Center

I assume this image is stored on Dockerhub so you want to look at the --login parameter.

Best Regards,