How to build ColibriVybrid_Core in VS2008?

I have installed Visual Studio 2008 & WinCE 6. Also, Visual Studio 2005 is pre-installed. And have downloaded Toradex workspace from your site. But I am unable to open .pbxml file in VS2008. Its opening in VS2005 but unable to build successfully. Throwing an error that Platform builder is missing.


You will need to install the platform builder for CE6. It requires Visual Studio 2005 that is why its opening there.

Here are instructions how you can install Platform Builder Installing Windows CE 6.0 tools on a Windows7 64bit PC (Updated again) | Valter Minute


Following are my queries. Please clarify

  1. Using VS2005, the platform got built. So, we need VS2005 to build the platform with the solution file available in Toradex and not VS2008. Right?
  2. If I have to use VS2005, I was told by Toradex to use VS2008. Any reason? I used VS2005 with CE6.0 in my previous developments. Are you suggesting VS2008 for App development?
  3. How do I add custom driver/edit CPU configuration as I couldn’t see source files in the BSP through Visual Studio 2005?

Please clarify

Sri Harsha

  1. To build CE6 you need VS2005. If you want to use 2008 you will have to migrate PBXML file manualy
  2. Yes you can use 2008 for application development
  3. Under parameter files, there are all needed files to add more drivers. If you want to build driver from source code you can also add it to project or use subproject feature.