How to boot from SDcard using Aster carrier board

How to boot from SDcard using Aster carrier board?

Technically one can not really boot any of our modules from an SD card as they are all fused to boot from their on-module non-volatile storage being eMMC in the Colibri iMX6 case and NAND flash on Colibri iMX7. However once the U-Boot boot loader runs you may load any further parts from various other places including SD cards, USB sticks and/or even the network e.g. via TFTP. Some of those options are explained in the following article on our developer website.

Alternatively you may be able to just flash a shim boot wrapper into the on-module non-volatile storage to instruct resp. boot ROM to continue booting from the SD card as e.g. done here for Vybrid.

BTW: You may also find the answer to the following question useful.

This solved the problem

run sdboot