How to block date/time changes on WEC7?

We need to prevent the user from modifying the date and time of the device.

First I tried deactivating the explorer.exe, but strangely when doing this the RAM used grew exponentially, then after approximately 1 day a memory leak occurred and the device stopped working. What could cause this?

Is there any registry I can add or modify to block changes in the time and date?

Thanks for your help

1.3b4 BSP is very old and not supported. Could you please update to latest one (1.6)?
Disabling explorer should no cause a memory leak unless your app has some unproperly handled dependency. Have you disable explorer as described here?

yes, I deactivated the explorer.exe by following those instructions.

Is there any way to block date/time changes without deactivating the explorer?

I ask this because it would be very complicated to update the bsp, we would have to do it in about 500 devices that are already installed

Dear @RamonM

There’s no way to block changing the time. If a user has access to explorer he has full access to the system and can run whatever application he wants. Even if there would be a setting to block the time change, the user could easily revert it.

What you can try:

  • Synchronize the time from an external reasonably trusted source on a regular base, e.g. querying the internet time once a minute and set the system time to that value.
  • Make your application window large enough to cover the task bar, and mark it as “always on top”
  • There might be ways to autohide the taskbar in a way to not show up again when you move the mouse to the screen edge. (Find the window handle of the taskbar and change its properties). However, I never tried that.

Regards, Andy