How to avoid black screen on X11 start up?

I’m using angstrom qt5 image with minor customizations.

I got a sucessfull splash screen after recompiling kernel using a custom clut 224 image but i can’t avoid black screen when X11 start.

I’d like to keep splash screen image till my Qt application starts.

I tried some Xinit parameters like -v, removing -br and similars besides some xrandr command with no luck.

Any tips ? I really need to fix this…

Hi @Debbio

I think that the flicker issue comes from when linux takes over the framebuffer which is described here. Currently there is no solution for this.

You can also try to disable the display in U-Boot as discussed in this community post.

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Hi @Debbio

you could try to use the uboot falcon mode so that Linux boots faster.