How to add Hindi\Devnagri font to WinCe6 or WinCe7

Please guide for adding Hindi\ Devanagari fonts to WinCE6 for VF50

Dear @Madhav
I didn’t test it, but the following steps should do the job:

  1. Look for the font you want to use in TTF format
    (e.g. I found a free Devnagari font here:
    Kruti Dev 714 Normal )
  2. Copy the *.ttf font file(s) to the Colibri folder \Flashdisk\System\Fonts\.
  3. For each font, add a registry entry in [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\FontLink\SystemLink]. Use the following article as an example:
    How to install additional fonts
  4. Save the registry
  5. Reboot
  6. After each reboot, you have to execute some code, which calls the function AddFontResource() for each new font.
    Details about this function can be found in the Microsoft documentation:

Regards, Andy

For information watch this video and Read this Article

Video -

Article - Kruti Dev Hindi Typing

It’s very Simple I explain in my Article check it.

Article - Manglish Typing

Anu Script Telugu Typing Software for Windows if you need to check this

Link - anu script telugu typing software free download for windows 10

Thanks for your Input.
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