How to add ffmpeg to Colibri iMX6

The application we are creating requires support for ffmpeg. My build doesn’t appear to have it installed. Is there any way to install it, or is there any way I can verify that it’s installed?

I’m using Linux Image v2.7.

Thank you.

Scott B.


Some additional packages can be installed from the package feeds provided by the angstrom project.
To list these packages use on the module:

opkg update
opkg list
opkg list | grep ffmpeg

Unfortunately ffmpeg is not provided.

There is a database of layers and their recipes here. This would be the search for the ffmpeg recipe in the morty branch. So you would have to build the ffmpeg recipe from the already available openembedded-core layer and install whatever resulting packages you would need.

Note that ffmpeg is GPLv2+ licensed.


Hi Max,

Thanks. This should help.

Scott B.