How to add checksum and verify application image


I am looking to add checksum to my application image and have u-boot verify it before it loads the application. Could you please explain me the process of how to do it (how to add checksum to the application image, how to make the u-boot verify it on every bootup)? Is there a “how to” process defined somewhere in the Toradex documentations?

Hardware: Boot2Qt 6.2.1 Toradex Verdin-iMX8MP,
Software: Boot to Qt for Embedded Linux 3.3.3 (hardknott)"

Hi @Subbu,

I believe you are looking for NXP secure boot process. Unfortunately, we’re still working on that, we currently don’t have any documentation or support. However, I will point out some community threads and NXP documents that you can take a look at:

Documents from NXP:

u-boot documentation:

Toradex Community:

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