How to activate the screen during startup in Colibri IMX6DL running WEC7?

We are working with an IMX6DL Colibri module running WEC7 (imx6_wince_image_1.1), which is mounted on a Colibri Evaluation Board 3.2.

We connect a VGA monitor through the X24 port, and a 5" Display Capacitive EDT through the port X34 " Unified Interface Display" using the "Generic Display Adapter v 2.0 "

During startup the VGA monitor displays command lines and you can see how the image is loaded, while in the EDT display only white and black lines are observed until the image finishes loading and the TORADEX logo appears.

My question is how can we activate the EDT display during startup? To see how the image loads and not just the white and black lines

Does the display behaves correctly as soon as the image has been loaded? You see same image on VGA and on the display?

Tlink texthat is, when the image finishes loading, the display behaves correctly, and yes, the image is the same in VGA and in the display.
I attach the images

Can you connect to the bootloader console (you can use a serial terminal configured at 115200 baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, no flow control), press ‘space’ during the first seconds of boot and then ‘x’ to enter the console.
clear ss
Does this shows the toradex logo on both VGA output and EDT panel?

I just entered the command clear ss reboot, restart the module and now only the image is seen on the VGA monitoralt text

In the web page “iMX6 BSP Release Details” there is a table with the known issues, check the number 20060 (Splash screen does not work on LVDS), could this be the problem we have?

No, your display is connected on the universal camera connector (X34) and this is parallel video. Actually on Colibri the main video output goes out to VGA (via converter), LVDS (via converter) and the parallel interface (on two connectors).
What is the product ID of your EDT display? It should be something like ET************** and printed on a label attached to the back.
Those displays should be able to support VGA timings and so the same signal going to the monitor should work on the panel.
I see some wires on the EVB, what signals did you connect? (just checking if something can generate issues on the display). Do you have something connected to connector X20 (jumpers etc.)?

It´s a capacitive TFT LCD display 5", ER-TFT050-3, has an FPC connector with 40 pins, which connects to the X34 port through the “Generic Dsiplay Adapter v2.0”.

The wires that you mention are the signals of touch controller (I2C) of the display. I connect them to the pins 194, 196, 127 and 133.

Nothing is connected to the X20 connector