How is Windows IoT support going?


I would like to start developing some applications on Windows 10 IoT, and I am wondering what is the current status of the Toradex support and its roadmap.
I have already checked these pages: WinIoT Starter Kit / WinIoT Strategy, but since they are 5+ months old, I want to know if you can give us an update.

Thank you!

Hi rods,
We are in close contact with Microsoft and the major SoC vendors in order to clarify the Win IoT Core strategy. We still have some points which we need to have clarified before we can provide more support on our products. We plan to update our current preview image for our Colibri T30 to the latest available version of Microsoft in Q1 2017 and hope to be able to provide more images for other products of our portfolio. However, I cannot commit to any schedule at the moment as everything is under NDA and some stuff still needs clarification.
I know, this isn’t exactly a concrete answer, but it’s all I can say at the moment. We will of course make an announcement as soon as we can share more details. We see quite a lot of potential in Win IoT Core and therefore continue working on getting a good solution for customers.

Is anything changed since last answer. Is Q12017 for updates still in plan?

We are in constant contact with the involved companies (Microsoft and SoC suppliers). So far we were not able to get the results and commitments we hoped for. We decided now to put our development effort on hold for the moment until we know better how we could proceed in this regard. We will also update our public information about Toradex’s strategy regarding Win IoT Core accordingly.