How is it possible to use COM4 (UART4) on the Appalis T30?

I tried to add the Registry Settings as described on WinCE Serial Ports | Toradex Developer Center

One Problem is, that the display back light pin seems to be affected by closing Port4.

This issue should be fixed with the Image V2.0 beta 1 which will be released in about 2 weeks.

The problem with the current driver version is, that the UART3_RTS (MXM3.239) is used for the backlight as well. When closing the port, the pin gets tristated.

Hello @samuel.bissig

Should the Serialport4 work with image 1.4?
Are my registry settings correct?
When is the new Image released?

alt text

In Image 1.4 this would configure
TX: MXM3 Pin 138
RX: MXM3 Pin 140
CTS: Not on MXM pin
RTS: MXM3 239

As you already discovered earlier, Pin 239 is in conflict with the backlight pin and the CTS is not connected to any Pin. Therefore we fixed the pin setup. From Image 2.0 beta 1 on, only TX and RX will be used on the default configuration for COM 4:

TX: MXM3 Pin 138
RX: MXM3 Pin 140

We are currently in internal testing phase. If you would like to test, I could provide you a prerelease image of 2.0beta 1.

Thank you! I would like to test the new Image.
Best regards, Stefan

Hello, by the Way, this issue is resolved with the new Image 2.0.