How durable is the gold coating on the edge contacts of the SO-DIMM modules?

As we want use the Colibri iMX6ULL in harsh industrial environments with lots of shocks and continuous vibration (comparable to cargo shipping engine room or railroad), we want to know, wheater the edge contacts are coated with hard gold for high endurance?

Your published shock and vibration test results are interesting, but they tell not much about the mechanical wear of the edge connectors. So we try to get more information on that.



Dear @Joluxer, thanks a lot for using the Toradex Developer Community.

You are definitely right, we intensively test our products in this harsh environment and we checked the modules edge connectors after these modules have been exposed at all the tests.

The edge connector was not showing any particular wear, it actually looked even comparable to a module which was inserted and removed a few times from the edge connector.

In addition, during the tests, we have never detected any issue due to a wrong contact between the module edge connector and the carrier board connectors.

I would really be confident to say that the modules can be definitely used in such an environment.

We are already having other customers who are having similar application and they were always really happy about the performances.

I hope this helps, please let me know if you need further information.

Hello @diego.tx,
great to hear about such a strong standing of the modules.

This makes your modules even more comparable to SOMs of other manufacturers, which are soldered directly to the carrier board.

For me, this is the accepted answer.

Finally my suggestion to improve your presentation of the shock and vibration results is, that you could present some before-and-after pictures of the (not worn) contact pads. Perhaps this could also improve this thread here.



Dear @Joluxer,

thank you very much for your feedback, I will definitely add this to our system, to make sure it is discussed next time we will work on this topic.

Please don’t’ hesitate to gote back to us if needed.

I wish you a nice day.