How do I edit an EasyInstaller image?

Hi all.

Today I have compiled an image with yocto. My question is simple. How to assemble the EasyInstaller files. I have seen that there is a json database. I could change the name of the rootfs and bootfs files but I do not know if it’s enough because below it informs up the uncompressed size of those files. What do I have to do to have my customized EasyInstaller image? Thank you.

The Toradex Easy Installer image/package should really automatically get built alongside the legacy updater package:

What exact image target did you build? And what exact hardware (module and carrier board) and software versions of things are you talking about?

Some more information about hand tweaking Toradex Easy Installer images/packages may be found here:

thanks for your reply. My question is simple. I use Apalis TK1 2GB v1.2A. I want to add my application and some files to rootfs. I have observed that there is a json database. Should I modify the size value of rootfs.tar.xz? Can you round the value? tanks

hi @fhgfix

The size value is used to show the progress bar when installing the image. So if you round there a bit, there are no major consequences.

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