How do I detect that the program is running on a Toradex T30 in WEC7?

I am building a multi-platform installer for our application which runs on WinCE 6 and WEC7. The application is written in C++ for Windows. The installer is written in C#. The application must run on multiple platforms, this means that we have several different builds. The installer has these all packaged as part of the installer. One of our targeted platforms is an embedded computer built on a Toradex Apalis T30 running WEC7. What I have to do during the installation is choose which of the application builds to install.

How do I detect that my platform is the Apalis T30 from the installer’s C# code?

You can query the CPU type by calling Cop_GetSoc() or Cop_GetCpuid(), which are part of the Toradex CE Libraries. Please refer to the documentation of the CoprocLib.

A wrapper file for C# is included in the library package ( TdxAllLibraries.cs).

There are similar functions in our older Legacy Libraries. But the legacy libraries don’t support successor modules of the Apalis T30, so it won’t be useful for you.

This will help detect between Toradex systems; unfortunately, some of our platforms are not Toradex. Is there a way I can identify the platform as Toradex T30 as opposed another manufacturer?

We can only tell you how to identify our products. There’s also additional functions in our SysInfoLib to get even more detailed information (e.g. Serial number) of our devices.

You should approach the other manufacturer with the question how to identify his hardware.