How do I access the sd card on IMX8 (Embedded Vision Starter Kit) to install the Allied Vision Camera Driver saved on the SD Card?

I’ve downloaded the pre-compiled binaries from Embedded Software and Drivers  -  Allied Vision (GitHub - alliedvision/linux_imx8_apalis: Allied Vision CSI-2 camera driver for Toradex Apalis iMX8) and would like to install these drivers to access the camera.

Hi @HSLU_Obrist and Welcome to the Toradex Community!

Could you provide the hardware and Software of your module?
What is your application?

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Dear @jaski.tx,

I’m using this setup:
Apalis iMX8 QuadMax, Ixora Carrier Board, Alvium 1500 series camera

From the toradex easy installer I have installed the newest torizion image. And now in the hallo-world base container I would like to install the drivers for the Alvium 1500 camera.

As a application in the future also halcon should be included.

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Hello Corsin,

Attention: at the moment, the camera driver is not supported in the latest release of TorizonCore. As a workaround, use the out-of-the-box demo from the previous section. Allied Vision is working with Toradex for a better driver integration in the Toradex BSP. The Allied Vision CSI-2 Alvium Camera Driver is available on GitHub.

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Matthias Gohlke