How can I record screen on Wayland?

I am using Yocto with Toradex Apalis Ixora Carrier Board and tdx-reference-multimedia-image.
My board is an Apalis IMX8 QM with an ixora 1.2 carrier board.
I have a dual screen HDMI and LVDS(touch screen) together using dual screen overlay.

$ cat /boot/overlays.txt 

fdt_overlays=apalis-imx8_hdmi_overlay.dtbo  apalis-imx8_lvds_overlay.dtbo  display-lt170410_overlay.dtbo apalis-imx8_atmel-mxt_overlay.dtbo

I have implemented a UI demo on reference-Multimedia image using QML!!
Now,I wanna know,how can I record screen on wayland/weston?
Do you have any examples to record screen using gstreamer or any sdk else?
Thank you in advance,

Hello @hhami
Could this help you maybe?

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Thank you for answering @josep.tx
Do you know ,it is hardware solution or software??
I wanna know that it is an optimize solution(using hardware)?
Is there’nt a gstreamer plugin like ximagesrc that captures our X Display(ofcoufce using hardware accelerator)??
Thank you.

Hello @hhami
Maybe that solution from our NXP colleagues?

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