How can I expand an apalis TK1 PCI express from x1 to x2?


As the title says, I don’t know how to expand the Apalis TK1 PCI express from 1 lane to 2 lane.

I am using the Apalis TK1 with a Zynq 7015 and want to realise a communication between these two models with the PCI express.
I tried to look at the board-apalis_tk1-pinmux.c but don’t find the PCI express pins.

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Can you share a schematic of your carrier board?

link text

Here is may schematic and the connection between Zynq and Apalis
alt text

alt text

Did you look at my answer as given here?

Yes I saw and studied it.
I know that it is possible, but now I try to figure out how to enable the second lane.
How to configurate it that I can use it with my connection.

Thanks for your fast answer.

You can try running mainline kernel, it should support PCIe x2, but as mentioned earlier it was never tested/investigated due to lack of hw.