How can I enable the watchdog at power on

I am using Colibri VF50. Windows CE 6.0 I want to know how to enable the watchdog at power on.

Hi @smasin ,

Unfortunately on Vybrid platforms we don’t support Watchdog activation from Bootloader as we do on PXA and Tegra platforms.

The Watchdog is not handled as part of the BSP.

I guess you use it already through our WatchdogLib in your application.

What you could do is to activate the watchdog by writing all the necessary registers from the bootloader.
We have a “patch” config section that allows you to write any register to any value (even only do some read/modify/write operations to set only some bits.

type “set patch” in the bootloader command line mone to see the possible fields.

NOTE: you might need to enable the clocks to the watchdog unit before you can write the registers.

You can use writemem / readmem commands to test what you need to setup in order to enable the watchdog.

For a description of the watchdog unit and the clocks to be enabled you can check the reference manual here:

let me know if you need more information.

Hi @smasin ,

I just did a little test and unfortunately i found out an unexpected problem:

The Watchdog registers can only be read/written in 16Bit access mode… the patch functionality alwas does 32 bit accesses, so it will not work

you can test the watchdog enabling by doing this write test:

writemem w 0x4003e000 0x0134

The upper 8 bits represent the watchdog timeout (01=1s, 02=1.5s, 03=2.0s, …)

I think we will have to release a new bootloader in order to enable this functionality…

Then we will probably implement it the same way as on PXA and Tegra (pex.wdenable = 1)