How can I determine the version of the TK1 EasyInstaller in a production context?

I would like to determine the version of the TK1 EasyInstaller image in a production context under the assumption that I do not have any meta info about the SOM at all (no info from matrix code, etc.). Unfortunately the EasyInstaller v1.6 does not provide a SSH server (I could not find /usr/sbin/dropbear) which would enable to SSH into the SOM to probably get the version info about the EasyInstaller somehow (would this be possible at all?). Is there some way to get the version of the EasyInstaller somehow?

At this point the Toradex Easy Installer does not has any remote access capability other than VNC.

If you are using serial console you can use cat /etc/issue to get the Toradex Easy Installer version.