How can I desable spi bus from IMX7D

I’m developing a project that uses IMX7D. There’s a bus i2c for communication between A7 and M4. However I’m using GPIO4 (10, 11, 8 and 9) how GPIO instead SPI. I discovered that this pins are used for SPI bus in device tree. I need to disable spi in device tree, because it is in conflict with my definitions. How can I do that?
I’ve already seen the webinar, however I don’t know how do make the .dts file and where I need to copy the compiled file into IMX7D.

Thank you!

HI @Eduardo_Ribas and Welcome to the Toradex Community!

That’s nice that you have already seen the Webinar. I would recommend you to read this page about Device Tree Customization to get general Knowledge about devicetree.
Once you did this, you can either change the existing devicetree files or create your own devicetree files. After your changes, you will need to compile the devicetree files and copy them to the boot partition of the module.
For copying the files, you can either use the UMS method or replace the devicetree files in an existing Bsp image and then just install this using Toradex Easy Installer.

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