How can i compile torizon for viola?

i have selected colibri-imx7 but how it will recognize the board is viola or something else.
do i have to specify anywhere that i am compiling this for viola or viola plus.
i have selected colibri-imx7 and i have board colibri imx7d 1GB. did i select the corret one?
how do i flash it to the board. i have imx7d colibri 1Gb and viola board.

also how do i flash the image to the board using toradex easy installer or any other way .

Greetings @kishanjoshi,

What are you compiling in this question?

We have two types of Colibri iMX7 one with an eMMC like the 1GB and then some with a raw NAND. Depending on what you’re compiling this difference might matter.

Typically we suggest flashing an image to your module using Toradex Easy Installer. After any image build if you’re using Yocto there should be a “tezi” tar file in the output that can be used with Toradex Easy Installer to flash the built image.

So just to clear things up, if you’re using Linux the only difference between using one carrier board over the other is the Device Tree that is loaded. The device tree should provide the Linux kernel with the board specific information.

Do note though that if you are using Torizon there is no viola specific device tree. There is only the evaluation board device tree which should generally work but there may be some interfaces which aren’t working correctly.

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so how is the chip is going to detect if it is viola or any other board. should we have to define somewhere else ?

By default for Torizon the value of the variable ftd_file in U-Boot tells the kernel which device tree it should load.

Out of the box Torizon will load the device tree for our evaluation board. If you want it to load another device tree you will need to add this new device tree to the system and then change the above variable to load your new device tree.

Can I ask what you are trying to do in general? Your issue may be solved by other methods.

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