How can I backup and restore an apalis tk1 board?

Hi, I have installed L4T on an Apalis Ixora board as described at

This is a time consuming process so for a new board, so I’d like to duplicate that installation (which includes my application in addition to the OS) by backing up the image and restoring it to a new board (same spec).
I image that this is what I’ll do as well once my system goes to production and will need to be flashed at the factory.

Is there a guide on how to do it?
I understand the concept of using uboot when the source board is in recovery mode to grab the image from the source board, and then using to to flash the target board, but how do I actually do this?

You may do so as e.g. already explained here or here.

Thanks Marcel, there are indeed some information morsels scattered here and there but that’s incoherent and not enough for me to do it. For example I’d love to use the Easy Installer, but how to I get it? install it? where? on the target machine? source machine? both? how to I create an image from the source machine? How do I point easy installer to it etc.

A step by step guide for how to achieve this would be highly appreciated.

As this is not the recommended way of deploying Embedded Linux Systems we so far refused to document this in greater detail.