How can i add two or more touch panels to registry keys

I would like to add one more touch panel (the device will use two different touch panels of course not at the same time)

First touch panel configuration from registry:
7" (vid:3823 pid:29184)



and it work great but how to add the second one 7" RockTouch RTPC070W-R30BP1-C (vid_0EEFE&PID_C002 = 3823_49154)

first i add :


These two parameters are different and i dont know where to add them


In which registry key should they be entered so that the system can initialize them correctly on the basis of the touch panel ID by VID & PID ?

Dear @dud

Configuring the HorizontalResolution and VerticalResolution should not be required at all. The touch hardware should provide this information in the USB descriptor.

Only if the touch hardware does not provide the resolution information (or if the registry value ForceUseRegistry is set) then the resolution configuration is read from the registry.

So please try first whether the entries are required at all.

If your HID touch devices do not provide the resolution information, it will get more complicated. There is only one setting for HorizontalResolution and VerticalResolution. There is no concept of supporting multiple touch devices with different resolutions.
What you would need to do then is either

  • Wait until the system has booted, then query which touch device is connected, configure the registry accordingly and reboot. Or…
  • Write an adjusted HID touch driver, which can handle multiple manual resolution settings, or which is aware of the differend VID/PID combinations to adjust the resolution during the boot process.

Regards, Andy