How activate splash screen on Colibri T30?

  1. How activate splash screen after Power On on Colibri T30?
  2. How manually start splash screen during operation on Colibri T30?

Dear @Glip

By default the splash screen is always enabled. If you can’t see anything on your screen, you may need to setup the proper timings for your display in the bootloader configuration - similar as you do it under Windows CE.
You can find details in the developer page article about the Splash Screen.

In the same settings it is possible to disable the splashscreen ( ss.enable = 0 ).

There is no option to control the splash screen at runtime. If enabled, it shows as soon as the bootloader starts, and stays on the screen until Windows CE executes its first drawing operations on the screen.

Side Note: Your Windows CE image V1.4 is quite old. We improved the robustness of the flash file system significantly in newer versions. If you are not bound to V1.4, I recommend to use a later release.

Regards, Andy