Hosting my own TEZI feeds

Hi all,

I am going through the process of allowing TEZI images to be hosted on our own web server and installed through the TEZI installer.

When I host the files on an SD card or USB key, they install and run correctly.

When I host them via a web server, they appear okay and install just fine.
However once installed, I get the prompt to reboot and once done I get nothing.

Only way to recover is to put the module in recovery mode and reprogram from there.

Any idea why the hosting of these files differs via a web server vs locally via USB or SD?
The web server is IIS running under Windows 11. Could the files become corrupt during the transfer? Do I need to apply any special settings on the web server?

Any advice would be appreciated.



Could you please provide logs from the debug UART in both cases - when you boot the module flashed from a USB stick, and when you boot the module flashed with the same image but from your local web server?

I will get things hooked up to check the output of the debug UART for each case.
As a matter of interest, I have trued using an embedded Web Server (Griffin) instead of IIS and it appears to work correctly.
I’ll update once I have completed the other tests

Hello @jamesgjatkin,

Glad to hear that. Please feel free to come back if you have more questions.