Host of RNDIS on colibri imx6 linux

I have a device that is working as RNDIS (slave) and I want to have Colibri IMx6 as Host For that RNDIS.
I want connect 4 of these devices to my colibri imx4.
need help to config Device tree and driver
my BSP is 2.6b6

Dear @kave,

Do you use your own Carrier Board or one of us? I assume you use RNDIS on top of USB? Then you don’t need to modify the device tree… USB devices are self-describing that’s why a driver will be loaded automatically if it is available. Have you already tried to just plug it in? Does lsusb show the device? What vendor and product id do you see?


I have my own Carrier board but design base on Toradex carrier board.
I test the device with Windows and it word but actually I dont connect it to Toradex.
before connect I want to be sure.
1- I have four device. how to connect four device to one toradex USB.
do you recommend any bridge to add ?
2- is the version of my BSP matter ? my version is toradex 2.8b6.


Hi @kave

You can use a standard USB Hub. E.g. you could use a device from Microchip:

The BSP 2.8b6 should allow you to use USB Hubs. Maybe you will need to enable the RNDIS host driver in the kernel configuration if not done yet… However, normally it should already be active so you don’t have to do anything.