Ho to use OpenGLES on winEC2013 using C#?

I have been working with C# Visual Studio 2008 over wince7 using OpenGLES with no problem but now I would like to use OpenGLES over winEC2013 and I could not build any project on Visual Studio 2013 because the opengl dll that I have been using on VS2008 does not work on VS2013. Does anybody know which dll I should use? Is there any sample project which I could download to start my own project?



libGLESv2.dll(OpenGLES) is included in the standard image, you can use it for the C# application. Also, libKD.dll, libEGL.dll, libOpenVG.dll is included.
Please refer this link for sample code : https://developer.toradex.com/knowledge-base/open-gl-es.

Thank you raja.tx for your replying but I do not know how to use those libraries in visual studio 2013. When I work on VS2008 I add the source code of OpenGLES to my project (C# code) and I also add the libgles_cm.dll to my project and then I can use any method of the dll file. When I do the same in VS2013 the dll seems not to work even though adding libGLESv2.dll to my project. Those samples code that you mentioned are done in C++, when I try to run them an error comes out. Sorry for my rookie question, I am quite new doing those things.

Regards, Fede

Windows Embedded Compact 2013 is not binary compatible with older versions, so you need to use the right versions of those DLLs. If you copy them from an old project running on CE5,6 or 7, that won’t work.

Thank you valter.tx,
I will try to get the DLLs that work on Windows Embedded Compact 2013.