Hidraw TK1 under Linux LXDE Image


We’re using a Apalis TK1 with the Ixora carrier board. We use the standard Linux LXDE Image.
Our goal is to run MVTec Halcon applications. Our license is dongle-based but the device is not able to recognize the dongle (hhostid command by Halcon).
I think the hidraw kernel command is not enabled by default (CONFIG_HIDRAW=y). Am I right?
Do I have to build a embedded distribution by myself or is there another solution?
Is it may possible to use another distribution out-of-the-box (JetPack Linux based on Ubuntu Gnome)?

Thanks for your help!

No, raw HID support should very well be enabled:


May we know what exact hardware (module and carrier board) and software versions of things you are talking about? Are you sure that the particular USB receptacle you are trying is working at all (e.g. not all of them may work due to e.g. USB_H3 not being implemented on Apalis TK1).

Ok. Thanks for your answer!

We’re trying to use the Halcon 18.11 Steady Runtime version.

Apalis TK1, Ixora V1.1.A, LXDE from Toradex Easy-Installer.

The dongle does not work with any of the three USB ports. I added the following rule in the /etc/udev/rules.d directory:
# Udev rules to allow access to hidraw device for CodeMeter dongles ACTION=="remove", GOTO="halcon-cm_end" SUBSYSTEM=="hidraw", ATTRS{idVendor}=="064f", ATTRS{idProduct}=="2af9", MODE="666" LABEL="halcon-cm_end"
Any further help?

Sorry, but I really know nothing about this Halcon stuff. Maybe some of our FAEs have experience with it?

Which version of Halcon are you running?

Hello Roman,

it really depends on the license you have. Do you want me to contact you with the right MVTec Halcon person to check that? If you fine with that I would give your email to the right MVTEC person?

Hey Matthias

We have a SDK University License with a dongle. We’re able to use it on other embedded systems so the license shouldn’t be a problem.
But help from MVTec would be great, you can share my mail address. Thanks!

Ok I will put you on CC of the mail.