Hi Team, I’m trying to build Torizon core docker (version 6.1) using YOCTO . I followed the steps mentioned in the website. I’m getting the below error while building the docker, Kindly help me out in resolving the below error

RROR: linux-toradex-ti-6.1.46+gitAUTOINC+278a5418c2-r0 do_unpack: Bitbake Fetcher Error: UnpackError(‘No up to date source found: clone directory not available or not up to date: downloads//git2/git.toradex.com.linux-toradex.git; shallow clone not enabled’, ‘git://git.toradex.com/linux-toradex.git;protocol=https;branch=toradex_ti-linux-6.1.y;name=machine’)
ERROR: Logfile of failure stored in: /home/ Testuser/freal/frlbxx-design-development-b9/oe-core/build/tmp/work/verdin_am62-tdx-linux/linux-toradex-ti/6.1.46+gitAUTOINC+278a5418c2-r0/temp/log.do_unpack.2798096
ERROR: Task (/home/ Testuser/freal/frlbxx-design-development-b9/oe-core/build/…/layers/meta-toradex-ti/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-toradex-ti_6.1.bb:do_unpack) failed with exit code ‘1’
WARNING: u-boot-toradex-ti-1_2023.04+gitAUTOINC+626d73cf84-r0 do_fetch: Failed to fetch URL git://git.toradex.com/u-boot-toradex.git;protocol=https;branch=toradex_ti-u-boot-2023.04, attempting MIRRORS if available
ERROR: u-boot-toradex-ti-1_2023.04+gitAUTOINC+626d73cf84-r0 do_fetch: Fetcher failure: Fetch command export PSEUDO_DISABLED=1; export DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=“unix:path=/run/user/1000/bus”; export PATH=“/home/ Testuser/freal/frlbxx-design-development-b9/oe-core/build/tmp/sysroots-uninative/x86_64-linux/usr/bin:/home/ Testuser/freal/frlbxx-design-development-b9/oe-core/build/tmp/work/verdin_am62-tdx-linux/u-boot-toradex-ti/1_2023.04+gitAUTOINC+626d73cf84-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/python3-native:/home/ Testuser/freal/frlbxx-design-development-b9/oe-core/layers/openembedded-core/scripts:/home/ Testuser/freal/frlbxx-design-development-b9/oe-core/build/tmp/work/verdin_am62-tdx-linux/u-boot-toradex-ti/1_2023.04+gitAUTOINC+626d73cf84-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/aarch64-tdx-linux:/home/ Testuser/freal/frlbxx-design-development-b9/oe-core/build/tmp/work/verdin_am62-tdx-linux/u-boot-toradex-ti/1_2023.04+gitAUTOINC+626d73cf84-r0/recipe-sysroot/usr/bin/crossscripts:/home/ Testuser/freal/frlbxx-design-development-b9/oe-core/build/tmp/work/verdin_am62-tdx-linux/u-boot-toradex-ti/1_2023.04+gitAUTOINC+626d73cf84-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/sbin:/home/ Testuser/freal/frlbxx-design-development-b9/oe-core/build/tmp/work/verdin_am62-tdx-linux/u-boot-toradex-ti/1_2023.04+gitAUTOINC+626d73cf84-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin:/home/ Testuser/freal/frlbxx-design-development-b9/oe-core/build/tmp/work/verdin_am62-tdx-linux/u-boot-toradex-ti/1_2023.04+gitAUTOINC+626d73cf84-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/sbin:/home/ Testuser/freal/frlbxx-design-development-b9/oe-core/build/tmp/work/verdin_am62-tdx-linux/u-boot-toradex-ti/1_2023.04+gitAUTOINC+626d73cf84-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/bin:/home/ Testuser/freal/frlbxx-design-development-b9/oe-core/layers/openembedded-core/bitbake/bin:/home/ Testuser/freal/frlbxx-design-development-b9/oe-core/build/tmp/hosttools”; export HOME=“/home/ Testuser”; LANG=C git -c core.fsyncobjectfiles=0 -c gc.autoDetach=false -c core.pager=cat fetch -f --progress --depth Index of /u-boot-toradex.git refs/heads/:refs/heads/ refs/tags/:refs/tags/ failed with exit code 128, no output
ERROR: u-boot-toradex-ti-1_2023.04+gitAUTOINC+626d73cf84-r0 do_fetch: Bitbake Fetcher Error: FetchError(‘Unable to fetch URL from any source.’, ‘git://git.toradex.com/u-boot-toradex.git;protocol=https;branch=toradex_ti-u-boot-2023.04’)
ERROR: Logfile of failure stored in: /home/ Testuser/freal/frlbxx-design-development-b9/oe-core/build/tmp/work/verdin_am62-tdx-linux/u-boot-toradex-ti/1_2023.04+gitAUTOINC+626d73cf84-r0/temp/log.do_fetch.2798097
ERROR: Task (/home/ Testuser/freal/frlbxx-design-development-b9/oe-core/build/…/layers/meta-toradex-ti/recipes-bsp/u-boot/u-boot-toradex-ti_2023.04.bb:do_fetch) failed with exit code ‘1’

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To address the issues you’re encountering while building Torizon Core with Yocto for the Toradex hardware, let’s tackle them step by step:

  1. Linux-toradex-ti Fetch Error: The error message suggests that Bitbake is unable to find or update the source for the linux-toradex-ti recipe. This could be due to network issues, incorrect repository URLs, or branch names in the recipe. Ensure that the repository URL and branch specified in the recipe match those available on git.toradex.com. If shallow cloning is not enabled and is required, you might need to modify the recipe to enable it or ensure that your network setup allows for full cloning.

  2. U-boot-toradex-ti Fetch Error: Similar to the Linux kernel issue, this error indicates that Bitbake cannot fetch the U-Boot source. Again, verify the repository URL and branch name in the recipe. The error message also hints at a possible network or configuration issue preventing access to the repository.

To resolve these issues:

  • Check Network Configuration: Ensure your build environment has internet access and can reach git.toradex.com. If you’re behind a proxy, configure your environment accordingly.
  • Verify Repository URLs and Branches: Double-check the repository URLs and branch names specified in the recipes for both the Linux kernel and U-Boot. They should match the ones available and accessible on git.toradex.com.
  • Enable Shallow Cloning if Necessary: If your build environment requires shallow cloning due to bandwidth or storage constraints, ensure that the recipes are configured to allow this. You might need to add or adjust the SRC_URI variable in the recipe to include ;protocol=https;depth=1 to enable shallow cloning.
  • Manual Fetching as a Diagnostic Step: As a diagnostic step, try manually cloning the repositories using the commands specified in the recipes from your build environment. This can help identify if the issue is with Bitbake, your environment, or network configuration.

If after these steps the issue persists, it might be helpful to clean your build environment with bitbake -c cleansstate <recipe> for the affected recipes and try building again. Additionally, reviewing the complete log files mentioned in the error messages could provide more specific clues to the root cause of the fetch failures.

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Toradex AI Assistant

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Hey @nikhilsansare,

I assume you are trying to build the image without any modifications currently?

Can you try again with following the directions here.

And when you source setup-environment are you specifying the machine variable?
Also is there a reason why you want to build 6.1 vs a newer 6.6 tag version?

There are easier ways to build Torizon OS, have you taken a look at our Torizoncore-builder tool? It abstracts away a significant amount of the complications of yocto.

Hey @nikhilsansare,

How are you doing with this topic?