Help Needed Colibri iMX7

Hi All,
I need suggestion regarding selection of os ; i do have Iris Carrier Board and i.MX 7 SOM.I’m upgrading my application on iMX7 ,so can you guys tell me to select proper os (Torizon,Embedded and Toradex Easy Installer),which is better for me.

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HI @hanmant9096

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Regarding your questions, some more information is needed:

  • What is your application?
  • What software applications/package do you need?
  • Which is your programming language?

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Thanks for replying ,
my application would IoT Gateway.
Application like QT creater ,eclipse ,like
and programming will into c/c++/python

You are welcome.

  • What application will run on the SoM?
  • Which Qt License will you use? Commercial or Open-Source?

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->Open Source Qt
->Qt Based application will be run on SoM.

Hi @hanmant9096

Toradex easy installer is not an OS. It is a Linux-based application with a Graphical User Interface that allows users to install a selection of Operating System images into the internal flash memory of Toradex modules.
click here For more information about Toradex easy installer.

Linux would be the right fit for your project needs. Click here for more information about Linux.

Thanks you so much for your valuable help.

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You are welcome.

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