Help in implementing multi core


I am planning to use Vf61 with Linux in one of our project as follows A5 core will contain Linux will handle the GUI(QT based application). M4 core handles motor control, sensing, temperature control etc. I have following doubts

  1. which is the best OS (M4) to use Ecos or FreeRTOS.
  2. Any free IDE is available…
  3. Will I be able to debug both core simultaneously (Linux and RTOS)

Aneesh K N

We officially support FreeRTOS on the M4 core for Vybrid. Eclipse can be setup for development purposes. We have not tested simultaneous debugging of both the cores and this is something which should also not be required at least for Linux on A5 side. Userspace applications on Linux can be debugged using gdb. For M4, we have tested OpenOCD with the JTAG debug adapter such as the Amontec JTAGkey-tiny. Some information on JTAG is available here and also note this community post.

Can we use ARM-USB-TINY-H instead of Amontec JTAG key tiny
for vf61 ?

You will need to use appropriate openOCD debugger configuration file.


For Olimex ARM-USB-TINY-H debugger the configuration file used is olimex-arm-usb-tiny-h.cfg.