Heatsink Options?

Our system design uses active cooling. Unfortunately, space constraints have forced the SOM orientation, and thus the heatsink fins, to be perpendicular to the internal airflow. The airflow must be in that direction and a fansink on the SOM is out of the question. Is it possible for Toradex to offer the same Type 3 heatsink with the fins running across the module rather than along its length? Is that possible as a custom orderable item or is the extrusion profile in that direction not possible?

Unfortunately we can’t do a custom heatsink unless you want to order 10K pcs or so.
We have a STEP model available for download here.

So you do offer custom heatsinks as long as quantity is right. 10K pieces does not frighten our client. What’s the process to get a quote? I realize we could use the STEP files and get custom ones made but since your supplier is already set up and producing them, it may be a quicker option to go through Toradex. Besides, you folks then end up with an option you can offer your customers since the only change we need is the direction of the fins. All dimensions and attachment features remain identical to the Apalis Type 3.

Could you please contact our sales department using this form?

We have contacted Toradex sales in the region where our client is located. Although there is no COTS type 3 variant we can order, there is willingness by Toradex sales to discuss a custom solution and they have asked for details regarding the required design. Once the feasibility is confirmed by Toradex, our client will likely request a quotation. This Question can be considered as answered.


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