Heatsink for Colibri T30

Hi can anyone suggest a convenient heat sink for the Colibri T30 . Something similar to the heat sink that is available for the Apalis T30 would be great .

@ASIQ, before going into details on thermal hardware solutions, I would like to point out, that there are some software measures you can take to reduce the heat dissipation of the module. It depends on the operating system you are using, you can find more information in the following article on our developer website:

More information and a few examples of heatsinks which could be glued to the Colibri module are also available in this article:

Note, adding heatsinks means mechanical stress to the module. Such heatsinks need to be applied carefully to not bend or damage the computer module. Furthermore, glued heatsinks might not be suitable for all environmental conditions, e.g. in vibrating environments.

I hope this input helps you finding a solution to your problem.

Thank you Roman…Yes I agree with the mechanical stress of gluing a heatsink. I think I need to consider a heatsink that is physically fixed to the carrier board with heat transfer material to mechanically isolate it from the CPU…similar to the heatsink used on the Apalis. However, we will be using Linux OS and turning off as many devices as we can (no graphics is required). Hopefully this will be enough.