Headless mode on Viola Board


I have a Colibri iMX7 Dual 512 MB and the Viola Board. According to the sticker on the delivered SoM it seems that it runs Windows CE per default and according to the documentation the debug messages over serial connection are disabled as default, so when connecting to a USB to Serial adapter I can´t see any messages…

So my question is: Is there any way to use the iMX7 on the Viola without a Monitor attached to it and further load linux on it? Or do I at least need a monitor or an evaluation board (like Iris) for that purpose? If I would get an eval board can the SoM just be flashed there and then be put into the Viola out of the box?


For a last 2 years Colibri iMX7 modules are shipped pre-flashed with Toradex Easy Installer. Which uses Serial Debug interface. And even if it’s flashed with Windows CE - debug messages are disabled only at OS level. Bootlader (eboot) still use serial debug.

Which exactly USB to serial adapter do you have and how it’s connected to Viola board?

And what is a HW version of your Colibri iMX7 module?

Thanks for the fast answer, it was indeed a problem with the serial adapter. Now I see the messages and that it boots into the Easy installer

Perfect that the issue is solved. Thanks for the feedback.

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