HDMI royalties on Verdin iMX8M Mini based product?

HDMI is a popular technology, but for me the topic of royalties is not so clear.
Looking to their website it seems that only official adopters are allowed to build products using HDMI technology.
And to become ad adopter you must pay an anual subscription fee plus some royalties per-device.

Can someone clarify this point, please?
Is this true?
Does this apply only if the device “exposes” a HDMI connector to the final user?
Or even if HDMI is used “internally” (i.e. custom PCB connected to HDMI display purchased on the market)?
Is this necessary if I develop a Verdin iMX8M Mini-based product?

I think someone from Toradex could clarify since both Verdin Dahlia Carrier Board and Development Board have HDMI connector and so they should fullfill the HDMI requirements (I think).

Thanks in advance

Hi @vix !

Toradex is not part of the HDMI Adopter program. Our point of view is that our modules are not End-customer devices. What does this mean to your business? Well, in general, it means you need to pay for royalty for HDMI.

But the best way to find answers to your questions is to talk directly to the Organization that handles HDMI licensing.

Best regards,

If this is the scenario, better to stay away from HDMI interface (if not an explicit request for the product).