HDMI pcb routing for imx6dl

hello dear support
I’m going to design HDMI with a Colibri imx6
I’m designing 8 layer PCB and need to set the reference plane of the HDMI
but something is confusing me
which layer should I use for the reference?
1- flat GND that is in the X2 connector
2- imx6 power line GND?
3- any other ideas?

You can base your HDMI-related design on the Iris carrier board design. Although Iris employs a DVI-connector instead of HDMI, the signal lines are identical to HDMI’s. Please consult our Layout Design Guide as well.

Hello @me_ahani98 ,

Do you have any news on this issue?

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dear josep
I am on it and i think i have found my solution
i will update it as soon as my board start working

thank you my friend