Hi, I’m interested in the USB C connection for the Apalis iMX8 module, on a hardware point of view in a first time.

Your reference designs concerning the different configurations for connecting USB C datas to the Apalis were very helpful and well detailed, thank you for these guides. I’m now wondering if it can also be used for HDMI and/or Display Port functions, do you have any reference designs compatible with this Apalis module? I think these features could be of interest to many.

Your guides here only cover configurations for exchanging data or applying a Power Delivery configuration: Adding USB-C to your Carrier Board Design - Part 2

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Hello Nicolas.A,

The Apalis iMX8 module itself does not natively support HDMI or DisplayPort (DP) over USB-C directly. The primary display interfaces available on the Apalis iMX8 include HDMI, LVDS, and, on specific pins, MIPI-DSI. For HDMI and DP functionalities over USB-C, an external USB-C controller with DisplayPort Alternate Mode support would be required. This controller would handle the alternate mode negotiation and signal multiplexing/demultiplexing to route DP or HDMI signals through the USB-C connector.

While Toradex does not provide a specific reference design for HDMI or DP over USB-C for the Apalis iMX8, integrating such functionality involves selecting a USB-C controller that supports DP Alt Mode and designing it into your carrier board. The controller would interface with the Apalis iMX8 through available display outputs (e.g., HDMI or MIPI-DSI) and the USB 3.0 signals for data.

For a successful design, you would need to:

  1. Choose a USB-C controller with DP Alt Mode support.
  2. Design the carrier board to route the HDMI or MIPI-DSI signals from the Apalis iMX8 to the USB-C controller.
  3. Ensure the USB 3.0 data lines are correctly connected to the USB-C controller for standard USB data functionalities.
  4. Implement any necessary software support for the USB-C controller and display output handling. This might involve driver development or configuration adjustments in the Linux kernel provided by Toradex.

It’s important to carefully review the datasheets and technical documentation of both the Apalis iMX8 and the chosen USB-C controller to ensure compatibility and to understand the required signal routing and software configurations.

This approach allows for the flexibility of adding HDMI or DP over USB-C to your design while leveraging the robust display and data capabilities of the Apalis iMX8 module.

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Hello @Nicolas.A,

Thanks for your question!

I’m now wondering if it can also be used for HDMI and/or Display Port functions

Could you please elaborate more on your requirement here? What functions do you really need to get working over the USB C?

Could you also specify which version of BSP or Torizon OS you are using?