HDMI and LVDS display for Apalis i.MX 8QM using Apalis Evaluation Board

I need urgent help on the following task:
I’m working on the Apalis evaluation board with Apalis iMX8QM SOM. I have completed the build for toradex-multimedia-reference-image and I’m trying to boot using the images - Apalis-iMX8_Reference-Multimedia-Image.rootfs.tar.xz and Apalis-iMX8_Reference-Multimedia-Image.rootfs.bootfs.tar.xz.

I’m trying to enable both HDMI and LVDS display at the same time. Currently it is only working one at a time. When applying both HDMI and LVDS overlays at the same time, it crashes on boot.

Similar issue was raised before here:

But no solution was found.

Hi @hari ,
We observed the same issue and working on it.
Please allow us more time to fix the issuee and we will update you once it is fixed.