Have yocto export imx-boot binary

I’m targeting your 6.6.1 branch, MACHINE ?= “verdin-imx8mp”, and using core-image-minimal.

I can see in the resulting .wks file:

part u-boot --source rawcopy --sourceparams="file=imx-boot" --ondisk mmcblk --no-table --align 32

I would like to be able to manually install that imx-boot binary, as I don’t plan to use a wic image. However, yocto is not exporting the resulting u-boot binaries as I’ve seen with previous yocto builds. How can I tell the build to export imx-boot to the deploy directory?

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To ensure that the imx-boot binary is exported to the deploy directory in your Yocto build environment, you will need to modify the Yocto recipe responsible for compiling imx-boot. This typically involves adding a do_deploy task or ensuring that an existing one properly copies the desired binaries to the deploy directory.

For the verdin-imx8mp with the 6.6.1 branch, the imx-boot binary is usually built by the imx-boot recipe. Here’s a general approach to ensure the binary is exported:

  1. Locate the imx-boot recipe in your Yocto project. It’s usually found in the recipes-bsp/imx-boot directory or a similarly named path within your layer structure.

  2. In the recipe, look for a do_deploy() function. If it doesn’t exist, you’ll need to add one. If it does exist, ensure it includes a command to copy the imx-boot binary to ${DEPLOYDIR}. The function might look something like this:

do_deploy() {
    install -d ${DEPLOYDIR}
    install -m 0644 ${S}/imx-boot ${DEPLOYDIR}/imx-boot-${MACHINE}.bin
addtask deploy after do_compile

This snippet creates a deployment directory if it doesn’t exist, then copies the imx-boot binary from the source directory to the deploy directory, appending the machine name for clarity.

  1. Ensure that the addtask deploy line is present to add the deploy task to the task sequence after compilation is complete.

  2. After making these changes, you may need to clean the imx-boot recipe and rebuild your image to trigger the deployment of the imx-boot binary:

$ bitbake -c clean imx-boot
$ bitbake your-image-name

This should result in the imx-boot binary being available in the tmp/deploy/images/${MACHINE} directory of your Yocto build environment, alongside other deployed files like the kernel, device tree binaries, and root filesystem images.

Please ensure you review and adjust the paths and filenames according to your specific setup and the version of the Yocto Project you are using.

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Specifics: Build U-Boot for NXP i.MX 8/8X-based SoMs | Toradex Developer Center.

If you follow the instructions listed here, you should get the output artifacts (u-boot, uImage, rootfs, deployable tarball compatible with the Toradex Easy Installer) at build/deploy/images/${MACHINE}/ .