Has the Aster carrier board connectors to output the colibri Mx7 CanBus

We’d to use the Aster carrier which is smaller than the evaluation board but we need a CAN bus connection.
Has anyone already done this ?

Hi @herseon ,

Can you let me know, if you are using or want to use any specific Colibri module?

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We plan to use an iMx7 Solo Colibri module.

Hi @herseon,

Colibri iMX7 offers 2x CAN interface (CAN_TX/RX signals), please refer to Colibri iMX7 datasheet, section 5.24 and table 5-46 (CAN signal pins) for more details.

On Aster, CAN_TX/RX signals (when using Colibri iMX7) are accessed at following connectors:


  • SODIMM_63 ---------------> X18, pin 1 (UNO_GPIO7, via level translator IC12)
  • SODIMM_90 / SSP_RX ---------------> X18, pin 5 (UNO_SPI_MISO, via level translator IC12) OR X20, pin 21


  • SODIMM_55 ---------------> X17, pin 4 (UNO_GPIO6 via level translator IC11)
  • SODIMM_92 / SSP_TX ---------------> X18, pin 4 (UNO_SPI_MOSI, via level translator IC12) OR X20, pin 19


  • SODIMM_188 ---------------> X20, pin 35 (via R123)
  • SODIMM_196 / I2C_SCL ---------------> X20, pin 28 (via R129) OR X18, pin 10 (UNO_I2C_SCL, via level translator IC13)
  • SODIMM_81 ---------------> X20, pin 31


  • SODIMM_194 / I2C_SDA ---------------> X20, pin 27 (via R126) OR X18, pin 9 (UNO_I2C_SDA, via level translator IC13)
  • SODIMM_94 ---------------> X20, pin 29

Please refer Aster Carrier Board V1.1 schematics for more details.


You will need external CAN transceiver with Aster carrier board.

Hope the above details are helpful. Let me know if you have any further query.

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Satyan Raj