Hardware to create touchscreen computer with CAN

Could you suggest hardware to create a touchscreen computer with the following requirements:

  • need to work with CAN bus
  • minimal operational temperature at least -20C

It will be used in the automotive field to visualize information based on CAN bus data.

I have several variants:

  • Colibri iMX6 - Dual Lite 512MB IT - V1.0B + Viola Carrier Board | V1.2A
  • Apalis iMX6 - Quad 2GB IT - V1.1B + Ixora Carrier Board | V1.0A

Display in both cases - Display EDT 7.0" TFT WVGA with Touch.

Are these variants adequate to mentioned requirements or there are better solutions?

Thank you!

Which OS do intend to run on the target?

This device will be created from the scratch, we do not have any code base. I prefer Linux.

Please have a look at our CAN (Linux) article and following EDT Display article.