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Hello, could you give me an initial recommendation to be able to use the 75DS2 device (75DS2 | 3U cPCI Synchro/Resolver Simulation Board) which has a cPCI connection?.I appreciate your help. Thank you

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Apalis T30
Ixora Carrier Board
Apalis Evaluation Board
Linux BSP

Hi @carlossht ,

Checking the information provided on this document, it seems that it is possible to port the binaries to the Linux, from the document:

The ENAIBL Software Support Kit (SSK) is supplied with all system platform based board level products. This platform’s SSK contents include html format help documentation which defines board specific library functions and their respective parameter requirements. A board specific library and its source code is provided (module level ‘C’ and header files) to facilitate function implementation independent of user operating system (O/S). Portability files are provided to identify Board Support Package (BSP) dependent functions and help port code to other common system BSPs. With the use of the provided help documentation, these libraries are easily ported to any 32-bit O/S such as RTOS or Linux.

Since it is hard to find information about this device, especially running on Linux, the best approach here is to enter in contact with them and check if it is possible to port these binaries and what are the problems you will probably face.

Best regards,
Daniel Morais