Hanging issue with Toradex due to higher ambient temperature

In the morning, at lower temperatures, the application on the Toradex board runs correctly. However, at higher ambient temperatures (40-45°C), due to the enclosure heating up, our application on the Toradex board hangs. While in this state, the clock and animations freeze. However, if we connect a mouse, it remains operational.

And, we are using Colibri Viola Plus V1.2B with i.MX6DL and Windows Embedded Compact 7 (WinCE7) operating system.

Please suggest how to solve this issue.

Thanks in advance

Could you please enable serial debugging and collect logs from both a normal application run and in the event of a freeze? Regarding the mouse’s influence, does this mean that the application unfreezes when a mouse is connected after it has already frozen, or does having a mouse connected from the start prevent the application from freezing at all?
Could you also specify the Toradex revision version of Windows Embedded Compact 7 that you are using?

We can’t do serial debugging because our system is at the customer’s end.

When an application is in a hanged state, the mouse is working properly without any dependencies on the application’s hang state.

We didn’t understand what you said about the Toradex revision version of WinCE7. Therefore, we provided details about the Toradex Easy Installer for WinCE7 ahead.


Unfortunately it’s hard to say what happening with a system without debug info. If you sure it’s related to high ambient temperature I’d recommend to use some kind of cooling Unfortunately, it’s challenging to diagnose the issue with your system without access to debug information. If you suspect the problem is related to high ambient temperatures, I recommend implementing a cooling solution, such as a heatsink and/or fan, to help mitigate the issue .

If issue with high temperature, do you think OS also would hang? Or only application would hand?
When we say, USB mouse working, it means OS is working, but application is not.
We are trying to replicate the issue at our end by increasing ambient temperature, we will updates results here soon.

The clock driver monitors the temperature using the internal temperature sensor of the SoC. If the temperature reaches a maximum threshold, the CPU frequency will be limited until the temperature returns to an acceptable range. If your application is performing CPU-intensive tasks, it may appear to freeze, while tasks such as moving the mouse pointer, which have a significantly higher priority and lower CPU load, continue to function normally.