H.264 DirectShow filter for the iMX6


I am trying to track down a H.264 DirectShow Filter for the iMX6 running WEC2013.

Can anyone tell me where I can find a solution?

Open source would be my preference, but we are open to commercial solutions.



Unfortunately the only (binary) video filters provided by the SOC vendor were in binary format only and there is no public documentation that can be used to implement them.
If you find the filters and need support integrating it in our image/BSP we would be happy to help but, at the moment, if you need hardware accelerated video playback we suggest to use one of our Tegra-based modules.

Dear valter.tx

I also have similar requirements.
I recognize that iMX 6 can be used for hardware acceleration of H.264.

Does Tradex plan to offer an environment that can play H.264 in the future?

Dear @kyas

The iMX6 has built-in hardware acceleration, but unfortunately nxp does not even provide basic WinCE software support for this feature. Implementing it from scratch is an tremendous effort. Therefore I’m afraid, we don’t have plans to add hardware acceleration support for H.264.

If you prepare the videos in the correct resolution and frame rate, so that no scaling is required, the software codec should be able to reasonably play such videos.
For higher requirements, I can only recommend to either switch to an Apalis T30 module, or use Linux.

Sorry, that I can’t give you any more positive reply.
Regards, Andy