Guide update for Visual studio 2013 how to include library

I’m trying to include the libraries that are needed to develop on the Apalis iMX6 Quad with Compact 2013 and VS 2013. I use the following guide:

But it doesn’t matter what i do, i just getting errors. Can the guide be update for use with VS2013?

I would appreciate it very much.

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What errors are you getting? I’ve had a quick look at the instructions and they should still be applicable for VS2013 + VS2015. Maybe I can work out what’s going on from the error messages.

Of source I can and will provide them. Let me start from the beginning:

code-when-not-linked: Start of the code (is from the GPIOdemo), I expect that it doesn’t work at this stage.
After-how-to-include-build: The error code that I get when building. If I remove that file (is “selected” in step 10) than it states that it cant find the next in that list and so on.
Other pics: My version of the guide pictures.

My project is storedas default by VS, thus in documents\projects\ConsoleApplication

In this folder is a new ConsoleApplication, and in that folder I have put the inc and libs folders (see picture stored).

The other pictures.

It sure looks like it, not they way I left them when I posted this.

But after another 3 a 4 hours of tweaking, shifting and adjusting after uploading this post it didn’t gave any errors and would promptly work on the embedded system.

I don’t know what exactly the solution was after so many trial and errors. But I guess it had to do with that Visual Studio expects a certain order of declarations in the folder structure.

Thank you for your effort, appreciate your help very much.

Up to the next problem to solve when encountered.

Unfortunately I can’t see the images. Any chance of posting the text from the build error log.