GUI with Qt for python

Unit: Colibri IMX8QXP 2 GB IT V1.0D using TorizonCore

I’m referencing document “How to build a GUI with Qt for Python and TorizonCore”. I started a project “Qt for python using QML” on target platform “arm64V8-debian-python3-qt-vivante_bullseye”.

After building and attempting to run the application i receive “libGEL warning: DRI2 failed to create dri screen”.

So, in short, my display does not show the image i’m attempting to display. I am successful connecting to the display. I used TorizonCore Builder to show a splash screen and the portainer login screen. Its just that the display will not update with the image created with Qt for python.

Any ideas

Greetings @CEK,

I was able to run the example here: How to build a GUI with Qt for Python and TorizonCore | Toradex Developer Center

On my own setup without issue.

To clarify, did you get this error when running the example outlined in our documentation, or did you get it running your own custom Qt Python application?

If this is your own custom application, then you’ll need to tell me more about it before I can get an idea of what is possibly wrong.

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Hello Jeremias. Below is my code which is the default thats generated when i created the project. There is no other code

Below is my docker-compose.yaml file

The default code runs perfectly fine for me as well. All I did was create the python-qml project then immediately hit F5 to debug. On my device I can see a little hello-world window generated on the attached display.

The template code should be fine then. What version of our extension and of TorizonCore are you using?

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see response from /etc/os-release

That’s the same version I’m running on my setup and the default code works for me. If you completely remake the project from scratch does the issue occur for you consistently?

Also can you try stopping every other running container on your system before running your application? The extension should already do this for you, but it wouldn’t hurt to do this yourself.

Other than this I can’t think of any reason why you’d be experiencing an issue here.

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I got things to work! Thanks for your effort, you’re always helpful. I’m now in a good mood :slight_smile:

Huh strange, perhaps it was some configuration issue with that project. Oh well, I guess it doesn’t matter too much now. If you encounter this issue again and can reproduce it please do let us know.

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